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Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.

My claims policies are a bit different from my sales policies, please make sure you read throughly before claiming anything.
* I am only accepting claims if you're 100% committed, thank you.


  • All Pkmncollectors Community Rules applies.

  • I will not sell to banned or partially-banned members.

  • Please allow me at least 24 hours to response due to time differences.

  • I have a dog (that sheds a lot) and two rabbits. They are not allow near any of the items, but please understand that fur may cling and fall off my clothes and fur travels. If you are allergic, please buy at your own risk.

Claim Items

  • Most if not all claims will need to be pre-ordered but on the rare occasion I may have a claim up for items already released. Each will be labeled accordingly. Payment for both cases will only be requested once I have them in hand.

  • I will automatically combine claims from the same month. Please let me know if you do not want them to be.

  • If you would like to combine orders from different months or items from my sales please let me know.

  • Items usually arrive 1 - 2 weeks after they've been shipped to me. I will contact you here once I have them in hand.


  • I ship from California, US and will ship Internationally. I ship through USPS by default.

  • My shipping days are Tuesday - Saturday. I do not ship out packages on Sunday and Monday.

  • I will only ship items once payment has been cleared and I will notified you once I have done so.

  • I usually ship packages out 1 - 3 days after payment clears.

  • I am not reasonable for lost, stolen or damaged items and/or packages once I have handed them over to the Post Office.


  • All prices are in USD. Price does not include shipping and fees unless stated so.

  • The only form of payment I accept at the moment is PayPal.

  • I do not accept payment plans for any of my claims.

  • Please send all payment to: araya.joydust@gmail.com as "Goods". Please include your username and what you bought in the note.

Haggling and Trading

  • I do not accept haggling or trading for claims.


  • Backing out once you have already claimed an item will result in a negative feedback.

  • This is important! You must notified me that your items have arrived and is in your possession for me to be able to leave you feedback! I will not leave feedback prior to that because I do not consider our transaction complete until you have your items in your possession and is happy with it. Please do not leave me feedback either until you have receive your item and confirm that it is what you had bought and is in the condition that had been stated when you had bought it.

If there is any problem with your order, please contact me asap, so we can sort it all out! I want you to be happy with what you bought and I want you as the buyer to have a good buying experience.



Petit Fleur  || Release Date: August 2018 Late-September 2018  || $12 each before shipping + PayPal fee
Status: Ordered - waiting for August late-September release.
Release date has been delayed; it is now slated for late September instead of August.
Only accepting claims for Pikachu (1), Eevee (2) and Butterfree (2).
[Petit Fleur Claims List (Click to Open)]
Set 1
- Pikachu  denryu4u
- Alolan Vulpix  vulpeslagopus
- Eevee  eeveelover91
- Leafeon  venomouswolf
- Sylveon  eeveelover91
* Butterfree is not available. I will be keeping it.
Set 2
- Pikachu
- Alolan Vulpix  lovestyle
- Eevee
- Leafeon  lovestyle
- Sylveon  chikachikorita
- Butterfree
Set 3
- Pikachu  jadekitty777
- Alolan Vulpix  jadekitty777
- Eevee
- Leafeon  jadekitty777
- Sylveon  jadekitty777
- Butterfree


Floral Cup Collection ||  Release Date: September 2018 ||  $12 each before shipping + PayPal fee
Status: Ordered - waiting for September release. Only accepting claims for Pikachu (2) and Eevee (2).
[Floral Cup Collection Claims List (Click to Open)]
Set 1
- Pikachu
- Eevee  kuro_kage_kun
- Dewgong  foxypuff
- Ivysaur  kalakshepherd
- Vulpix  kuro_kage_kun
- Mew  toketsuhana
Set 2
- Pikachu  jadekitty777
- Eevee
- Dewgong  leyluna
- Ivysaur  tayran
- Vulpix  jadekitty777
- Mew  derranged
Set 3
- Pikachu
- Eevee
- Dewgong  diamondphantom
- Ivysaur  ivysaurr
- Vulpix  foxypuff
Full Set


[Closed] Sales Post

Last Updated: 06.12.18 (5:00 PM PST)

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/joy_dust/

I know that my policies are lengthy but please understand that as the seller it is my responsibility to clearly state my sales polices for you and you the buyer must be responsible for reading those specific polices that have been given. I will not be hold accountable if you choose to ignore to read these polices.

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