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Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
My feedback can be found here:

I know that my policies are lengthy but please understand that as the seller it is my responsibility to clearly state my sales polices for you and you the buyer must be responsible for reading those specific polices that have been given. I will not be hold accountable if you choose to ignore to read these polices.


  • All Pkmncollectors Community Rules applies.

  • I will not sell to banned, partially-banned members, any member who have more than 3 neutral feedback or anyone with more than 2 negative feedback.

  • Please allow me at least 24 hours to response due to time differences.

  • First come, first serve. Whoever ask for an item first whether that person is committed or just asking for a shipping quote will get first priority! You will then have 24 hours to take it or pass on it and then an additional 6 hours to pay for it. After 30 hours of no answer or payment then the item(s) will be pass onto the next person who asked after you.

  • If you have any questions or want additional photos, please do ask!

  • I have a dog and two rabbits. They are not allow near any of the items, but please understand that hair may cling and fall off my clothes. If you are allergic, please buy at your own risk.


  • I ship from California, US and will ship Internationally. I ship through USPS by default.

  • My shipping days are Mondays - Saturdays. I do not ship items out on Sundays.

  • I will only ship items once payment has been cleared and I will notified you once I have done so.

  • I am not reasonable for lost or damaged items and/or packages once I have handed them over to the Post Office. If you are worry, please request tracking.

  • Tracking as well as upgrading to EMS can be provided, but you must ask for it. Please clearly state so if you are.


  • All prices are in USD. Please send all payment to: as "Goods". Please include your username and what you bought in the note.

  • I accept PayPal (PayPal e-checks are okay) from Domestic and International buyers and will accept Concealed Cash for orders 30 USD and under from US buyers.

  • I accept payment plans. Orders ranging from 60-100 USD can be paid in two installments. Orders ranging from 100 USD and above can be paid in multiple payments. Please ask and we can work out the details.

Haggling and Trading

  • Reasonable haggling is welcome, but I may decline if someone offers to pay the full price listed. I am more likely to haggle if you're buying 5 or more items or on orders over 50 USD.

  • I am only willing to trade for Togetic items I do not already have in my collection. Please let me know if you think you have an item I do not already have in my Togetic Collection and we can work out a trade.


  • Backing out of a sale once you have committed may result in a negative feedback depending on the situation. If you are unsure if you will be able to pay, please ask for a quote instead. Declining after asking for a quote is okay, but refusing to pay after committing is not.

  • This is important! You must notified me that your items have arrived and is in your possession for me to be able to leave you feedback! I will not leave feedback prior to that because I do not consider our transaction complete until you have your items in your possession and is happy with it. Please do not leave me feedback either until you have receive your item and confirm that it is what you had bought and is in the condition that had been stated when you had bought it.

  • If there is any problem with your order, please contact me asap, so we can sort it all out! I want you to be happy with what you bought and I want you as the buyer to have a good buying experience.

Sale Items
Please do ask for more photos and ask questions on the conditions of these! I highly encourage it!
I put a majority of the items into lots as I really need them gone. A lot of the items are already discounted so if you're haggling, please understand if I decline since I've already lowered their prices considerably. Thank you ;w;

Please understand that items are used/have been displayed and may be marked/chipped. They are not in perfect condition. Items were bought in their current condition, please ask more questions or ask for more pictures if you're worry about the exact condition of item(s).

Torchic #1 - $4
Torchic #2 - $6   (Tag is bent: 1)
Torchic #3 - $2   (Or free with any purchase.)
Torchic #4 - $5
Torchic #5 - $4
Torchic #6 - $6

Lanturn Simplified Plush by vulpes_canis - $15
Talonflame Simplified Plush by vulpes_canis - $28
I had commissioned vulpes_canis a few time for her Simplified Plushes and these two were part of that. I can't really keep any of my extended collection anymore, so even though I really am reluctant to let them go, I realize that it would be better for them to go to a home were they can be loved. The price I am asking for is what I paid in order to have them made. Someone please love them ;w;

Gardevoir - $4   Figure was displayed.
Dedenne - $3
Mawile - $4
Marill - $3
All figures will come an insert.

Torchic Small Figure Strap - $3
Torchic Metal Ballchain Charm - $3
Torchic Petit Strap - $6
Dragonair Pokemon Time Strap - $16
Mega Gardevoir Strap - $12
Torchic, Combusken & Blaziken Metal Charms - $8
Mega Gardevoir Figure Strap - $4
Mega Gardevoir Metal Charm - $8

Various Figure Lot - $28
I don't know much about figures in general, so I cannot guarantee if these are real or not. Buy at your own risk. Condition varies: some are in good shape and there are a few that have paint rubs or are dirty or have parts missing/broken. I recieved them in their current conditions.

Kids Lot - $20
Conditions varies.

AG Playset - $75
Honestly, I have no clue how to price this item. If the price I have up is off, please feel free to correct me. The box is a bit beat up and I am unsure if the whole playset is complete of not. There may or may not be pieces missing.
Extra Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Super Battle Card Stadium Playset - $35
Same with the AG Playset. The box is a bit beat up. Pieces may or may not be missing.
Extra Photos: 1 2

Pokemon Light Projector - $45
I won if off an auction hoping that Togetic would be one of the Pokemon on the projector, but sadly he wasn't. I haven't check if the lights work or not. It does have a lot of Johto Pokemon including Chikorita, Cleffa, Smoochum, Phanpy, Chansey, Togepi, Sentret, Hoppip, Igglypuff, Spinda and Flaafy.
Extra Photos: 1 2 3

Mega Tokyo Clearfile - $6
Pikazard Mini Clearfile - $4
Torchic Pokemon Time Clearfile - $5
Sceptile Pokemon Time Clearfile - $6
Blaziken Pokemon Time Clearfile - $6

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